This is a lovely bag with the classic Monogram

Reviews of the best replica of famous brands such as Louis Vuitton

Buying replica jewellery is it worth is?

One thing people dont write much about are replica jewellery. There are thousands of replica items on rings, watches, necklaces Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica , brooches, earrings and so much more.

Some people buy replica rings or watches to have that as traveljewellery. In case you get robbed they steal stuff with no real value if they dont steal it high quality designer replica handbags wholesale , you end up looking nice on your vacay anyway.

What I have seen most in replica jewellery is the cartier love bracelet. Why on earth would you buy that to yourself when the whole concept of that bracelet is to get it from someone who loves you.

Some things you simply dont buy in fake.

I have bought some nice pieces for myself lately. I try to buy pieces that are quite uncommon and rare so people actually can not compare it to the real deal.

Before I buy any piece I try to find the real deal online to fake designer bags compare it. This earrings are rare and the replica turned out really fantastic. It has a nice luxurious feeling to it.

These are Christian Dior pearl logo earrings. Very fashionable. Here some pictures of mine comparing to the real deal on the left.

Comparison of the popular Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Monogram in Empreinte leather. Real vs Replica.

I bought the LV Pochette Metis in Canvas in 2017, this is a really popular bag and I was on the waiting list for almost 8 months before I could get cheap louis vuitton bags from china a hold of this bag. I love this bag. I wear it to everything, it is versatile and so practical. The crossbody is perfect for me since I have a small kid to run after. I like the fact that the bag closes well and is hard for pickpockets to open up. Comparing this to the LV NoNo which is just perfect for thieves.

After buying the Metis in Canvas and being so happy I wanted to buy the real Metis in Noir Empreinte leather. This bag doesnt have a waiting list and I have been to the LV store to try it several times. In a way I didnt want to spend that much money on a bag which in a Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica sense I already owned. So I started fake designer bags to Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags look for replicas Oh boy did I do research on this bag But in the end I found the bag! It arrived a few days ago and I am blown away on the quality of this bag.

Everything is perfect, the stitching, the leather smell, the details and I can not find a single thing which is wrong. Everything is spot on.

First I will post pictures comparing my real Pochette Metis in canvas next to the empreinte leather.

There are some diffrences between the two bags in reality as well , for example on the back zipper there is a leather tag on the empreinte but not on the canvas one. And also the shoulderstrap has some diffrences, the logo is printed in the buckle on the canvas replica louis vuitton but not on the empreinte. The shoulderstrap has gold details for adjusting the lenght while the empreinte has simply the leather. You can see that on the pictures. Of course the interior is diffrent as well comparing those two bags.

But if we focus on the replica bag comparing to the original empreinte pochette metis they are identical. This bag is a must! So instead of paying 1890 Euro I paid around 400 USD for this replica bag.

My real pochette metis canvas on the left side and the replica metis empreinte

The pochette canvas I have been wearing a lot for the past year, have that in mind when you look at the pictures. The bag has been carrying a lot of things, anything replica louis vuitton bags from wet wipes to diapers and make up. The shape of the bag is gone high quality designer replica handbags considering looking at the brand new replica metis.

The clasps are spot on, same gold color, same weight identical I must say

The locks from the inside side of the bag same gold color, same screws really nicely made

Below you see a close up on my replica bag the leather is amazing! The details are amazing! I am so impressed and so in love with this bag. I can not find really good close up pictures of the leather on the original bag but after seeing the original bag in the LV store I know that this is how it looks and feels.

Close up on the replica Metis

Close up on the replica Metis

I wrote before about the diffrences on the shoulderstrap and below you see a picture of the original pochette metis empreinte. You see that the buckle doesnt have a logo which the metis canvas has. The replica empreinte metis is spot on with details so it is correct. For me these are the details that matter. This really is a good replicabag. Comparing this to the NeoNoe which had some minor flaws this has none whatsoever.

Louis Vuitton NoNo the champagnebag Real vs Replica

Designed in 1932 to transport bottles of Champagne, which I must try one day. This is a lovely bag with the classic Monogram canvas and has many varietes in color for the interior.

I bought this bag in 2017 for Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags 1590 USD. high quality designer replica handbags wholesale This bag has really been a smart bag, I can wear it on my shoulder or I simply adjust the strap and wear it as a crossbody. I picked the red interior and it is really stylish. Inside I have the zippocket for my wallet and valuables.

After looking on many websites with good replica I found a really good one. And honestly there is only one diffrence I can notice. And it is not visible and you must truly own a real bag or be an expert in LV 1:1 replica handbags to see the diffrence.

The stitching, the zippers, the heatstamped logo, the interior everything is spot on. But there is a but In the original bag the the gold details where the strap comes out is upside down but in the replica is just place like you think it should be look at the picture, here you clearly see the comparison.

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